Learn how to transform your 'people problems' into people power!

These are our two bold assumptions:

We’d like to let you know that we have created this program (and this page) based on two bold assumptions. 

The first is that you don’t need convincing that workplace culture has an impact on your behaviour, and the behaviour of your team. 

The second assumption is that you understand that regardless of who you are, what industry you work in, or what you sell, your company has a culture of something

If you relate to these two assumptions, please read on.

How often do you experience ‘people problems’ and how does that impact your day? 

One thing we've learned from working with 1000’s of founders, business owners and leaders, is how many are unaware that the culture of their company, is the root cause of their people problems. 

These people problems commonly show up as poor productivity, bad customer service, deadline blowouts, PR nightmares, harassment, bullying, or the experience of distrust, conflict and tension. 

People problems make work feel a lot harder than it has to be. 

Take a moment to think about how these types of people problems impact your day, your experience of work, and the results you produce. 

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It takes more than perks, amazing pay and benefits to create great culture. 

Some believe that creating great culture is about free lunches, ping pong tables, big bonuses, and health care plans. 

Although the ‘golden handcuffs’ work to attract and keep top talent, there’s one factor that will make or break the culture in any company. 

You see, it’s not just the perks that create great culture, but the way in which each team member relates to them. Just like how appeasing children with the toys they desire won’t guarantee that they will appreciate them, or be better behaved.

The Art of Culture explores what drives human behaviour and what you can do to craft a culture consistent with your vision. 

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Just a heads up — you MAY NOT be ready for the Art of Culture. 

The Art of Culture explores feelings, values and beliefs, and the role they play in shaping the culture of your company. 

It will require courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to tell the truth about your experience of life. 

We will support you throughout the program, however if a journey of self-discovery is not what you’re looking for, the Art of Culture may not be for you. 

The Art of Culture is Chapter 1 of 6 from the Art of Business — helping leaders and their teams develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and conscious choice at work.

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What You'll Learn

Stuff you can apply immediately

  • The building blocks of culture

    Proven and actionable ways to be more productive, make better choices, and improve your team culture immediately

  • Grow emotional intelligence

    Identify, navigate and harness the feelings, values, and beliefs of your team with simple tools

  • The human source code

    Reduce breakdowns and increase joy by learning to look beyond what people do, and deep into why they do it

Inside The Art of Culture

Course Curriculum – 41 Lessons, 12 Exercises, 2 hours


Lesson 1 (FREE) – Art&Science of Culture
What is the difference between the two?
Lesson 2 (FREE) – Being & Doing
Why 'doing more' doesn't always work
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Lesson 3 – Taking on Culture
What it means to change culture
Lesson 4 – Getting the Most
Making this course work for you
Lesson 5 – Beginner's Mindset
Choosing to be open and curious
Lesson 6 – Attention Training
A guided meditation before we begin

Actions & Results

Lesson 1 – Relationship to Culture
How you relate to your current culture
Lesson 2 – Define Your Ideal Culture
Consciously choosing your goals
Lesson 3 – Actions & Results Loop
Why most businesses / people get stuck
Lesson 4 – Introducing Context
Defining context and its impact on results


Lesson 1 – Context & Relationship
How context shapes our entire reality
Lesson 2 – Observing Context
How to identify your context
Lesson 3 – Layers of Context
Hidden layers that drive ALL decisions
Lesson 4 – Stacking Context
How we combine layers of context


Lesson 1 – Feelings at Work
The state of feelings in the workplace
Lesson 2 – Layers of Feelings
A look into what feelings are (and aren't)
Lesson 3 – Intellectual Feelings
'Good', 'ok' and 'fine' are not feelings
Lesson 4 – Physical Feelings
Your body is trying to tell you something
Lesson 5 – Emotional Feelings
Distinguishing emotions from thoughts
Lesson 6 – Purpose of Feelings
Why do we have feelings at all?
Lesson 7 – Choosing Feelings
Is it possible to choose how we feel?


Lesson 1 – What are Beliefs?
Defining the purpose of beliefs
Lesson 2 – Neuroscience of Beliefs
How do we form beliefs?
Lesson 3 – Identifying Beliefs
Determining filter from fact 
Lesson 4 – Beliefs and Decisions
When beliefs become the truth
Lesson 5 – Choosing Beliefs
Can we choose and change beliefs?


Lesson 1 – Defining Values
What values are, and why we have them?
Lesson 2 – Identifying Values
How to articulate what's important to us
Lesson 3 – Multiplying Values
What to do when our values collide
Lesson 4 – Choosing Values
Changing what feels fundamental


Lesson 1 – Context as Culture
Navigating many values, beliefs & feelings
Lesson 2 – Context in Action
Choosing a context that works for you
Lesson 3 – Choosing Context
Choosing a context under pressure
Lesson 4 – Practice vs Knowing
The difference between knowing and practicing

What You'll Get

Included in the Art of Culture

✔︎  Over 2 hours of learning content
✔︎  41 lessons & 12 guided exercises
✔︎  New skills and techniques to apply
✔︎  24/7 Unlimited Access for 1 year
✔︎  Flexibility to suit your busy lifestyle

✔︎  More confidence, flow, and fufillment
✔︎  Proven techniques and methods
✔︎  The practice tools of elite performers
✔︎  Access to the online community
✔︎  A Certificate of Completion

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Who is this course created for?

  • People who aspire to lead, empower, and inspire others into action

  • People who don’t believe hustle and grind is the only way to live/work

  • People who value soft skills (self-awareness, EQ, communication skills)

  • People who want to improve the quality of their work relationships

  • People who want to feel connected to their work and colleagues

  • Those who want to experience work life with more ease and flow

Chapter Host

Simon Bell is a co-founder and Producer at Bold&Resolute. He has been a leader with Landmark Education, and studied Buddhism and NLP. 

He founded and exited 4 companies covering the business performance, finance, retail fashion, and outsourcing industries.

Simon has coached elite professional athletes, startups, entrepreneurs, and medium enterprises.

Simon lives in Australia with his family, where he produces Bold&Resolute's edutainment content.

Creators & Contributors

Pauly Ting is a co-founder and Writer at Bold&Resolute. He has studied Landmark Education, Buddhism, and NLP. 

He has founded and exited two companies — a software studio and an advertising agency.

Pauly has worked in the US with leading accelerators, startups, and Fortune 500 companies for the last 8 years.

He has coached founders, leaders, and teams toward creating better culture, work/life fulfilment, and improved mental health.

Pauly lives in the Bay Area where he writes and produces Bold&Resolute's original content.

Dr Ari Berman is an advisor at Bold&Resolute. He received his Ph.D in Molecular Biology and is a current VP at BioTeam Inc. 

Ari was a practicing neuroscientist and bioinformaticist for over 12 years before moving into the technology field.

Ari lives in Austin, Texas where he lives with his family and contributes to and advises towards Bold&Resolute's original content.

There's much more to culture than software, systems, and surveys.

Learn the Art of Culture for just $197

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  • How long does it take to complete this chapter?

    Each chapter is about 2 hours in duration, including exercises. However, there is no time limit and you can come back and redo it at any time for up to 1 year after purchase.

  • How can I get additional support with the course?

    We offer 1on1 coaching and onsite workshops for larger groups, both at additional cost. Please contact us at ask@boldandresolute.com for more information.

  • Can I do this course on my phone or tablet?

    Absolutely! The course is designed for mobile, tablets, computers, and tvs.

  • Can I get my money back if I'm not happy?

    We are committed to making a positive impact with you and your team. If you have completed the course including all exercises and practice — and still don't see value, you will be eligible for a refund up to 14 days after purchase. For refunds please email ask@boldandresolute.com

  • I have some questions before buying

    We'd be happy to help. Please contact at ask@boldandresolute.com